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About Nicole




Her Philosophy

Our lives give us the beautiful opportunity to heal, learn, and open more to grace.  Some healings come when we least expect it; others we pray for over a long period of time. Then there are the healings that happen when we didn’t even know there was something that needed to be healed. As we peel away the onion layers, we get closer and closer to our essence and who we are, which has nothing to do with race, gender, or even financial status.


When we are deeply honest with ourselves and acknowledge what is not working in our lives, this is when the magic happens. We all have the innate ability to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits. I have witnessed thousands of beautiful healing stories, and have also held space for individuals through the rough moments before the light comes in. I often have people on my table that believe at their core that they are broken. I remind them that we all have cracks, but that is where the light enters. It is through the brokenness where we gain more strength and courage to live our lives in a bigger and bolder way.


I came into this world as a healer and to me that means helping shine the light on truth for others to see when they are ready. The inner wisdom to heal and to shine bright in this world lies within each of us. I am here as a guide to channel the highest and most powerful light that is aligned for you.




Her Story

Since 1999 I have been dedicated to expanding my consciousness along with my healing abilities.  In beginning of my practice, I was especially focused on bridging western and eastern medicine and was involved in working in integrative settings with MD’s and with research.


After years of practicing a more clinical and medical style, I became drawn to more spiritual and energetic based healing modalities such as Shamanism, Buddhism and Energy Medicine. I found they not only did they support people in different and important ways, they also seemed to beautifully compliment acupuncture.  Through my own personal healing and growth, I began to see that when healing the body, it is also necessary to heal the spirit.  The ancient tradition of shamanic practices opened my awareness to ways that looked at energy not always seen by the naked eye.  Energies and patterns that continue to keep us stuck and struggling with the same health and psychological challenges.  This work led me to leading several pilgrims to the Sacred Valley of Peru to work with plant medicine and commune with the beautiful spirits of the land.  Each time remembering more and more of why I am here and the work that I am meant to bring to the world.


My dedication to my spiritual practice has greatly influenced my healing work.  As I have grown I’ve developed the ability to channel healing light, receive information from my spirit guides and see energy.  For many years I relied on my needles to “do” the healing but now I know that they are just a piece and that my hands channel transformative healing light that has the power to reset, heal, and clear.


I love to work organically drawing from my many years of study and practice so that I can offer the healing that my clients are seeking.  It is my desire to help those that seek my work to feel empowered by there individual healing process and allowing them to become a witness to their truth and light.


Education and Certifications

B.A Degree in Psychology

Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine

University of Arizona ~ Tucson, AZ 

Emperors College ~ Los Angeles, CA

Certified Depth Hypnosis Practioner

The Sacred Stream ~ Berkeley, CA

Foundation for Spiritual Development

San Rafael, CA

Student with Celebrating Life Ministries

Peru, Illinois

Studied with the best in Chinese Medicine including; Kiiko Matsumoto, Jeffrey Yuen, Randine Lewis, Yvonne Farrell, Ray Rubio, Dr. Tan


Experience and Pilgrimages

Clinical Research in Psychology

Clinical experience at UCLA
                                   The LA Free Clinic
                                   Anne Arundle Medical Center
                                   Pacific Fertility Center

Private Practice

Apprenticed with Randine Lewis in India

Lead Spiritual Retreats to the Sacred Valley of Peru

Spiritual Pilgrimages to Machu Picchu, Peru
                                      John of God, Brazil
                                      Montserrat, Spain
                                      Ignatius of Loyola's cave, Spain
                                      Medjugorje, Bosnia
                                      Lourdes, France
                                      Mary Magdalene's cave, France

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